Kisaan Export is a brand of Kisaan Infotech Limited offers independent service that caters our customer worldwide to get high quality products as per their demand. We are constantly looking beyond our customer’s expectations that promote good customer relationship for a long term business. Our values inspire us to stay committed and focused. 

Agriculture and food are arguably the world’s most important industries. Consumers want assurance of quality and safety at every stage of the export process hence we take export business seriously. 

We have connect with more than 4000 farmers which produce number of vegetables of daily need and fresh fruits which are appreciated around the world for their quality. 

         With better planning we ensure to get the produce of a superior quality which are packed as per international and country specific standards that maintains the freshness of the Fruits and Vegetable. 
We ensure that the produce we get are correctly sorted and graded before they are sent for processing further. Correct cold storage for perishable food products are very important, hence we ensure that the commodity is correctly stored at right temperature before and during the shipping. As a result our international buyers always get a fresh produce for their market and receive good complements from local buyers. 

Our effective way of working includes data gathering, data processing, audit and reporting, lab testing and analysis, inspection, advisory, certification and farmer training.